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On October 2, 2001, Engineered Product Solutions, Inc. (EPS) was established.  Our mission is to provide quality, non-oem replacement parts to Centrifugal Air Compressor Service Companies.  From this humble beginning, our organization and business has grown through hard work, product knowledge, total commitment and dedication to our customers.  From our facilities located in Mayfield, KY, we currently support Centrifugal Air Compressor Service Companies in 17 countries around the world with quality non-oem replacement parts.

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About Us

EPS brings you the experience you expect.  Our engineers have expert experience with the original equipment manufacturer as well as the aftermarket market.  They are used to overturning every rock in order to find the best part for the job and for you.  Furthermore, being situated in the Air Compressor Capital of the World lends itself to a lot of collaborating if need be.

You have enough to worry about.  let us worry about the parts.

We've been doing this a long time.  Let us know what we need to do an we'll take it from our end.  We will make sure you are aware of anything that needs your attention but we know what we are doing.

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