Repair Vs Rebuilt

​Do you know how to talk with your customers about the differences between repair and a rebuild.  Let us help educate you.

Parts - New, Used, Remanufactured

Working directly with air compressor parts manufacturers, EPS offers wholesale pricing to service and parts providers.
Offering aero parts including bearings, seals, gasket kits, rotor components and controls parts including inlet guide vanes, and controls.  We offer repair, refurbish, new and used parts.

In The News

We Repair Controls

With today's economy sometimes an option for repair is the best one.

Valve Repair

The valve may be fine, it's the controls or vice versa.  Let our expertise help you out of a jamb.

Are you looking for opportunities to meet all of your customer's expectations?


It's not enough anymore to be able to take care of your customer.  Now you need to offer the best part, the most reliability, the part when your customer needs it, all for the best price.  EPS can help you with all of your customer's expectations.  With over 45 years experience in the centrifugal air compressor market there is not much that we haven't seen, and haven't taken care of.  

We offer new parts, naturally.  But we also offer used and remanufactured parts to satisfy your customer's requirements for reliability, price and lead time.  Take an opportunity to take a look at what we can do.