We offer quality new, used, refurbished and repaired parts.  Parts offered are

Bearings:  Stage Plain Sleeved Bearings; Stage Tilt-Pad Bearings; Stage Thrust Bearings; Bullgear Bearings - Sleeved; Bullgear Bearings - Ball & Roller; Reverse Thrust Bearings; Reverse Thrust Buttons

Seals:  Stage Seals - Air & Oil; Bullgear Shaft Seals and Installation Tools; Thread Seals; Bolt Seals
Gaskets and O'Rings:  Gaskets Kits - MAXI; Gasket Kits - Cooler Change Out; Specialty Items; Air Cooler Waffle Gaskets; Miscellaneous Flat Gaskets and O-Rings

Aero Components:  Pinions - New & Refurbished; Impellers - New & Refurbished; Impeller Noses, Bolts & Washers; Thrust Collars; Thrust Bolts & Washers; Diffuser, Covers and Vaneplates - New and Refurbished

Control Valves:  Inlet Valves - New & Refurbished; Bypass Valves - New & Refurbished; Check Valves; Actuators - New & Refurbished; Positioners - New & Refurbished; Actuator Repair Kits; Positioner Repair Kits; Inlet Guide Vane Assemblies (IGV); Instrument Air Filter/Regulators

Control Systems:  MP3 Mother Boards - Refurbished; MP3 Faceplate - Refurbished

Couplings : Main Driver:  Hubs & Sleeves; Fastener Kits; O'Rings, Keys & Grease

Instrumentation:  Vibration Probes, Cables & Transmitters; RTD's - Air & Oil; Pressure Transmitters - Air & Oil; Temperature Switches & Gauges; Pressure Switches & Gauges; Seal Air Pressure Regulators; Seal Air Flow Control Valves; Solenoid Valves

Lube Oil System:  Oil Coolers; Oil Reservoir Heaters; Main Oil Pumps - Geroters & MOP Plates; Prelube Pumps; Prelube Pump Repair Kit; Hoses; Temperature Control Valves; Pressure Control Valves; Sump Strainers; Filter Housings & Elements; Demisters & Demister Elements; Level Indicators; Lubricant

Miscellaneous:  Air Coolers - New & Refurbished; Air Cooler Gasket Retainers; Moisture Separators; Drain-All Condensate Traps; Fasteners, Retaining Rings & Shims